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Proverb’s Ex Wife Opens Up About Her Divorce

Unfortunately, a lot of marriages end up with a divorce attorney being contacted and the couple decides to separate. In this case, it would be wise to speak to a law firm like McKain Law, to help guide them through this difficult time. Over time, some relationships just don’t work out and the strain of being in a relationship is too much. However, there is still a stigma around divorce so it’s positive to see more people coming forward to discuss the ups and downs of a divorce.

Rapper Proverb’s ex wife opened up about her divorce in a touching Instagram post. Talking about her life after they called it quits and finalized their divorce, Onalerona Moreo says although she’s back on her feet, divorce feels like death.

Proverb’s now ex wife says when the news of her cheating first broke she was devastated because she knew she was about to lose everything and her life was going change. “I would face judgement not only from my families but the entire South Africa. After prayer and meditation, I started celebrating that God chose me to experience all this”, she wrote.

Onarelona says she found strength in her purpose on this Earth. “What a blessing! I stay praying, I stay empowering myself and I stay affirming myself.”

The mother of two says she now knows she can endure anything in life because of that experience and is thankful to God for choosing her to go through it. “It feels like death, a loss that only God can restore”, she wrote.

“I want you to trust me when I say there is life after death. No amount of public humiliation has broken me down. Rather it has given me more strength and power to face anything that life throws at me.”

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