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Pretoria Mother Declares War On Daughter’s Blesser

A Pretoria businesswoman is coming guns blazing for her alleged 22 year old daughter’s blesser who is said to be a 54 year old businessman. Naledi Ratsela is accusing the blesser of preying on her much younger daughter Barileng.

Naledi has reportedly kicked her daughter out of her house in Wonderpark, Pretoria North with hopes she stops seeing her blesser. She even took away a Jeep Sahara she had bought for her. But it all seems not to be working for Barileng who reportedly is still seeing her blesser.

“I asked one of his friends to tell him to leave my daughter alone, but he said, ‘I will release her’, as if he owns her. What George is doing to my daughter is an abomination. The man is old enough to be her grandfather”, said the furious Naledi.

Barileng told Sunday World that she “hangs out” with the businessman and that “nobody can do anything about it”. “I know George and I hang with him,” she said.

“That does not mean I’m dating him, and has nothing to do with anyone. The people who love me will be in my life, and I won’t force anyone to be in my life. Whoever wants to be in my life will be in my life and nobody is going to tell me who I should hang around with, my mother.”

Naledi says her daughter spends most of her time with the blesser at his Pretoria North house, sometimes in Ballito KZN, and many other places, while neglecting her studies.

What have these blessers done to these kids, seriously!

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