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‘Slow Down On The TurnUp And Slayage’ – Black Coffee

‘Slow down on the turnup and slayage’ – Black Coffee is warning y’all about your ‘levels’ goals you keep posting on social media. Looking at his career right now, you should probably listen. The internationally acclaimed DJ took to Instagram sharing words of advice to his over 430k followers.

Black Coffee captioned a photo of his son standing to one of his sports cars with some wise words anyone can find useful. “Anything you want in life you can have….I mean anything…..just know there’s a price tag……so it all depends on your willingness to pay the price…all the prices come in different forms and sizes…..”, he wrote.

The Coachella DJ’ing star admits it’s difficult sometimes to spend so much time from family and missing major milestones in his kids’ lives. “Spending so many days away from my kids…..missing some of the most important moments…We live in a Society where most kids support their parents where I’m from…..,” he said.

“Most of us dream of buying houses and cars for our Parents before we think of ourselves….some of us even feel guilty for wanting anything for ourselves because the previous Government System robbed the generations before us of so much.”

So how does Black Coffee think you can achieve all that and more? “this will require us not to be Avarage,1st slow down on black on black jealousy….slow down on the “turn up” and the “slayage” and “levels”…..we need to go all in….explore all avenues….It is up to our Generation to change things so we don’t have to blame anyone….”

Now you know, less ‘slayages and turn ups’ and more work!

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