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“I Was Totally Broke For A Year” Says Minnie Dlamini

Minnie Dlamini has opened up about the struggle of consistency in the entertainment industry and the whole open up the industry debate. The media personality says the reason why you see the same faces on TV is because the money is tight. “I was totally broke for a year” says Minnie Dlamini.

Although she admitted that she now lives a very comfortable life, it wasn’t always that way. “I’d say that straight, I was totally broke for a year. A couple of years ago,” she said. Asked why she think celebrities shy away from saying they are broke, Minnie says it’s because of the expectations that come with being with a celebrity.

People don’t understand that celebrities in different areas are very different. Nowadays Minnie says she lives in a very comfortable three bed-roomed house and drives one car and we know for sure that’s just her choice.

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