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AKA Gushes Over Meeting Winnie Mandela

We have to say, it’s very rare to see rapper AKA gush and act all groupie when meeting a famous person. But we can’t say the same of his meeting with Winnie Madikizela Mandela. The rapper couldn’t hide how excited and honored he felt to have met the legend. AKA gushes over meeting Winnie Mandela.

AKA Gushes Over Meeting Winnie Mandela

AKA was one of the young people who went to accompany Ma Winnie Mandela to her voting station. “When she saw me in her living room she kinda lost her cool a bit “AKA!!! even a gogo like myself knows you!” She was happy to see me,” AKA gushed.

 The rapper says Ma Winnie told him she was very proud of him and that she had been watching him. “Whole time I’m thinking … “Dude, Winnie Mandela knows who you are”,” he tweeted.

AKA says meeting Ma Winnie was one of the greatest honors of his life.

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