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Kabelo Mabalane Says Circumcision Upgraded Him

As part of his joint campaign with the Government to get more South African men circumcised, Kabelo Mabalane is opening up about his own personal experience. Kabelo Mabalane says circumcision upgraded him.

Kabelo Mabalane Says Circumcision Upgraded Him

The Kwaito star revealed he was the only one who wasn’t circumcised amongst his friends. He says he decided to have the procedure done after speaking to friends after school. “I went to a hospital for an upgrade and I was pleasantly surprised that there was minimal pain,” he said.

Kabelo says he decided to become a voice for the campaign is to promote a healthier lifestyle among men and women. “Now I am a vocal advocate for circumcision as part of a healthier lifestyle for men and women alike, and to make people aware that we are still not beating the war on HIV infections.”

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