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Ma Winnie Mandela Laughs Off Botox Rumors

Can she live and be an 80 year old prettiest lady in the world in peace? Ma Winnie might be used to criticism but nothing could’ve prepared her the storm that came after photos of her at her birthday celebrations in Cape Town surfaced. Ma Winnie Mandela laughs off botox rumors.

Ma Winnie Mandela Laughs Off Botox Rumors

Social media went crazy saying Winnie Mandela might have gone under the knife and soon memes followed.

Winnie’s granddaughter Zoleka took to Instagram sharing she had been laughing with her grandmother about the rumors. “This is us last night talking about ALL the rumours regarding the plastic surgery, skin bleaching and Botox she’s supposedly had done!!! ? The memes circulating too, she finds those as ridiculously funny as the gossip!,” she wrote.

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