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Miracle launched her late Mother’s Esther Album in Mzuzu, Thoko Katimba introduced his fiancee

Miracle Chinga launched the Esther Album of her departed mum, Grace Chinga at Squirrels Park in Mzuzu on Sunday.

According to Miracle, she decided to launch the Album in Mzuzu to give a chance to fans to sample the songs her Mother intended to release.

“I want to continue from where my late mother stopped—winning souls to Christ through music,” said Miracle Chinga

The thousands of people were turnout for a show, to hear real spices of Esther Album which comprises of 11 tracks which includes; Ngakhale Ndiyenda, Linga Langa, and Ndizaulura.

The album was produced by  Grace Chinga’s son Steven who is known as Stevie Spesho in musical circles and Josephy Tembo.

Gospel music legends such as a Ethel Kamwendo Banda, Thoko katimba and others were the ones who escorted Miracle.

On other hand, Thoko Katimba grasped the opportunity to dash cold water on the old rumor that he once impregnated Miracle Chinga while calling his real fiancée in front of everybody.

“I want to break all bad rumors that were surrounding you people that I impregnated Miracle.

“This is my fiancée and if all goes well we are going to wed next year, I was regarding Grace as my sister that explains Miracle is my daughter too, how can I do such silly thing,” said Katimba while holding his fiancée.

Miracle already launched the Album in Malawi’s major cities of Blantyre and Lilongwe.


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