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The 8 South African Celebs With Over A Million Followers On Instagram

Most of our local celebs who are killing it in entertainment showbiz or sports are on the list of the 8 South African celebs with over a million followers on Instagram. With celebs who have millions of followers, when fans send them messages through instagram messenger, for example, they can’t always read every single message they receive, but it is always worth a try! Getting a reply from someone like Rihanna may seem like a dream, but you just never know. For anyone looking to grow their social following after being inspired by some of the South African celebrities and their large amount of followers, the small business blog offers advice on how to gain more exposure and get more followers of your own by sharing reviews of the best Instagram bots to help you with that essential engagement on your profile. No one said it was going to be easy, but it is not impossible, otherwise, celebs like Kim Kardashian wouldn’t have as many followers as she does!

Seeing as they have already conquered the world of Instagram, with all of them having over one million followers respectively, maybe it is time for them to turn their attention towards new goals, such as seeing if they can achieve a similar feat on newer platforms, like TikTok.

Mastering one platform is one thing, but being able to do the same on platforms that aren’t yet as popular as others, it could be hard, and some of them may need to read IncrediTools for more information, or somewhere similar to help them if they are unable to meet the same amount of followers. It is still important to point out, that having this amount of followers on social media is an achievement within itself.

But for those who are not as big on social media does it mean dololo personality? Hmm, we take a look at what makes this top 8 the most followed South Africans on Instagram. Take a look below.

1. AB de Villiers

Much loved cricket player AB de Villiers popularity goes beyond the cricket pitch with a following of over 2,3 million on the photo sharing app. AB often shares photos of his wife and son and of cause his love for cricket.

2. Minnie Dlamini

Minnie is the most followed female celeb in SA on Instagram with just over 1,3 million followers. It must be those hot body hugging dresses and perfect selfies.

Minnie Rubbishes The 'Fikile Mbalula R800K Offer To Emtee' Rumor

3. Bonang Matheba

The South African queen B’s bubbly personality can never go unnoticed and has gained over 1,2 million followers on Instagram.

Leaked DMs Reveal Alleged Bonang's Nasty Comments On Minnie

4. Boity Thulo

Whether she’s showing off her achievements or her famous booty or sharing some words of wisdom, Boity knows how to capture everyone’s attention. She has over 1,2 million followers.

Boity Celebrates Hitting A Million Instagram Followers

5. Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah’s selfies with the rich and famous and of cause his international popularity gained him just over a million followers.


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