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Unathi Reveals The Reason She Won’t Fix Her Teeth

One thing Unathi Msengana is well known for is not conforming to industry pressures and we love her for it. The proud mother took to Instagram Wednesday morning where she got personal. Unathi reveals the reason she won’t fix her teeth. Nobody should feel pressured into adjusting the appearance of their teeth – it should be their own decision and only done when they’re ready. If you are looking to have adjustments made to how your teeth look, book an appointment with Oak Street Dental or your local practice to see what services they can offer you.

Unathi Reveals The Reason She Won’t Fix Her Teeth

The Idols judge and Metro FM DJ says her decision to not fix her teeth or relax her hair as many random people suggest to her is because she don’t see anything wrong with everything she is to begin with.

“Please allow me to crush on myself today. FLAWS AND ALL! I get asked why is your hair natural? Why don’t you fix your teeth? Etc? Etc? Etc? The reasons……..FIRSTLY I just love the way God Made me! TRULY!,”

Unathi says how can she teach her daughter to love herself if she herself doesn’t love who she is. “SECONDLY how do I teach my daughter that she is BEAUTIFUL and ENOUGH if I look NOTHING like her! YOU are enough queen!,” she wrote. This is amazing. So many young girls feel that they need to change the way they look, however, that’s not the case. Any changes to an individual’s appearance should be made because they want to, not because people online have told them to. Unathi has displayed great courage in posting this, but it should inspire a lot of people. If she wanted to fix her teeth, she could easily get some Lumineers to straighten her teeth out and make them look more attractive, but she doesn’t want to do that. That’s completely fine. If anyone else wanted to get cosmetic dentistry done on their teeth, they could just visit their local dentist and find the best treatment option for them. It’s all up to the individual.


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