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Poet Kalizang’oma announces engagement with Zithandoh

He has written his way into the hearts of many, capturing the exact feelings of love and other emotions through his poetic pen. But perhaps for some years, like in one of his famous Unkalindanji Moyo? poem, his heart has been waiting and yearning to be united with the heart of one special lady.

Surely, love loves to love love as Malawi’s renowned poet, Sylvester Kalizang’oma and his lovely fiance, Zithandoh Gongolo have loudly and proudly announced their engagement ceremony on December 4, 2016 at Chrichi Multipurpose Gardens in Chitawira Township behind Puma Filling Station in Blantyre.


“I’ve always heard there are lots of fish in the sea, but there’s only one that’s perfect for me,” says Kalizang’oma of his fiance, Zithandoh, a fashion designer.

“She’s charming and truest in every sense. It feels so good to be finally engaged to her. It is one of those feelings I cannot put into words.”


The poet whose mature lines are melodious foods to the ears of the newlyweds locked in honeymoons as depicted in ‘Wokondedwa Meliyana’ and other pieces in Unkalindanji Moyo? poetry album seem to have heeded his own advice of ‘Kandibweretsere Mkazi’ poem by announcing the news on social media.


And as part of spicing the ceremony, Sylvester will also dedicate his lovely poem ‘Kwa Uyo Mtima Wanga Udamkonda’ to his sweetheart Zithandoh.


And so the journey continues to all young people to borrow a leaf from the would-be stylish engagement of Sylvester and Zithandoh at Chrichi Multipurpose Gardens in Blantyre.

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