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Pics! Siba Mtongana’s Weight Loss Journey

She’s one of the top chefs in the country and a mom of three but Siba Mtongana is not letting all that stand in her way of getting back to her pre babies body. Siba has been sharing her weight loss journey on social media and the star is already 9kgs down. She’s doing amazing and will hopefully inspire and motivate other women who might be trying to lose weight as well. Of course, everyone does things differently, so if you decide that you need that little extra help, such as by going to a Houston weight loss then you do that. If you are happy eating less and doing it all by yourself, then you do that. Whatever works for you! Whether it’s consuming weight loss shakes or reading the lcr healths reviews to find the best supplements for your hourney. Clearly, Siba has found what works for her – I mean just look at how amazing she looks! Pics! Siba Mtongana’s weight loss journey.

Pics! Siba Mtongana’s Weight Loss Journey

“I made a commitment to myself to go back to my body pre-kiddies. When I was pregnant and raising the little ones, it was easy to make an excuse. It still is. But I was never concentrating on what I was putting in my body,” Siba says.

It might be challenging being a chef and trying to lose weight but we think Siba is doing it all so well. She looks like a yummy mommy already to us!

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