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New UK High Commissioner Learns Chichewa After A Month In The Country: check out her video

As the saying goes “when you are in Rome do what the Romans do” that is exactly what the new British High Commissioner to Malawi Ms Holly Tett has applied as she has proved her interest to learn more about Malawian culture by learning to speak our vernacular language, Chichewa.

Ms Tett who started off her works in Malawi on 1st January in succession to Mr Michael Nevin, was seen in this 2 minutes 56 seconds video posted on Facebook on Tuesday fluently spitting out words in our mother language.

What`s more inspiring is that she has been in the country for only a month whilst its clearly known that we have people from other countries in Malawi who have been here for years but never had their shown interest to learn even a little of our culture. Language for example.

Communication is important since it helps to connect people.

Now that proves her knowledge in knowing the value of communication.

According to the people`s comments on the posted video, Many were happy and surprised to hear her speak Chichewa and also seemed to have welcomed her to the warm heart of Africa.

Not only her Chichewa slang matters but also her list of Agendas to Malawi which she explained in the video that are beneficial to Malawians especially in these hardship times.


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