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9 Habits We All Hate When Texting

In this digital era, application such as Whatsapp and Messenger have become the fast way of communicating for most people.
If you are like me, then you prefer to have a chat with someone who has great texting skills.

Here are things we all hate when it comes to texting

1. Slow texters

When you text someone, it’s because you need a response in 5-10 minutes otherwise you could have just gone to their house and pass the damn message…it’s definitely understandable if someone is busy but tell you what, do not hit up someone with a text if you are busy. Do so when you actually have time to talk…

2. Typos

Gosh! There’s a reason why there is spell check. “Hae” really? You really couldn’t just type “Hi?” Smh!

3. One word replies

Why even bother sending someone a text if you’re going to do those annoying one word replies? like this…
Person 1: How’re you?
Person 2: Good
person 1: So, what are you up to?
Person 2: Chilling

i would rather just broke you and move on

4. Boring texters

You know those people who hit you up with a text like “whats up” and you think they wanna chat but they’re just passing on their negative boring energy to you. If you’re going to chat with me, make it fun! Ask me what I think about the maizegate issue that seems to have lost its direction now or let’s talk about Rihanna & Drake or what i think about the Governments`s delay in paying civil servants until now. Don’t hit me up with “whats up”…keep your boredom to yourself please.

5. Ghosting

These are probably the worst. You are busy texting then they suddenly disappear and reappear 2 days later and expect the conversation to flow seamlessly from where they left off. No man, that ship sailed. Bye!

6. The people who reply one question when you asked 2

When someone texts me a paragraph that has two or more questions, I reply every question that was asked. But there’s this special species of ninjas who reply only one question and leave the other one hanging, it’s like they have selective sight. They only see what they want to see.

7. Emoji overload

Emojis are great. Throw in an emoji here and there but don’t overuse them!!! Not everyone understands emoji lingo and speaking of lingo,and it is even worse boring when its a man to man chart since its looks 100% gaysh. This also applies to people who use too many acronyms; LQTM, G2G, BRB…please people, we are on earth! Not the planet of extraterrestrials.

8. Posting screenshots of messages online

We are all guilty of sending a screenshot to a best friend or close friend and that’s okay…my problem is with those that post private messages online for the entire world to see. That’s not cool! There are other ways to get your 5 minutes of fame!

9. The “send me a pic” lot

You’re chatting and all and it’s all going smoothly then out of nowhere, you get a nude pic accompanied by “it’s your turn”. Not today satan. Those ones go into the blocked list with immediate effect!

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