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Woman Kicked Off Plane For Flashing Her Breasts

A woman claims she was kicked off a flight in the U.S. because she was wearing a top which showed off her cleavage.

Brenda, from South Florida, said she was booted from the plane “Spirit Airlines” from New Orleans to Fort Lauderdale by flight attendants because what she was wearing was taken as too sexy that it could arouse sexual desires.

The flight attendant crew first accused her of being intoxicated claiming she was loud and aggressive.

                           booted from the plane – Brenda

When she denied being drunk, it was then that Brenda claims a flight attendant raised the issue of her dressing and told her to cover up.

Brenda, who did not disclose her surname to reporters said, “I feel awful. I can’t sleep. It is really affecting me, actually.”

Below is a picture taken by one of the passengers as an evidence that what Brenda was wearing wasn’t an issue to argue about

“They mentioned my body was too exposed and it was obvious it was my breasts and said, ‘You need to cover up. I feel if I was smaller or someone with a smaller breast size, there would have been no issue,” she added.

Brenda has also made an allegation that flight attendants were looking for an excuse to boot her from the plane and that they made up the claim she was unruly.


Her travel companion Cathy Supp said, “The way they treated her was terrible”. Supp ended up being kicked off as well.

Another passenger, Bob Kowaleski said, “that staff embarrassed the young girl and she didn’t appear any more out of bounds than anyone else on flight’.

He added that they had been treating her like a street walker, but Kowaleski said he saw no problem with her.

However, the “spirit airlines” have denied claims that the woman was kicked off because of cleavage but rather because she was intoxicated and other passengers complained.





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