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Girl Finds Out Her Photos Were Being Used By Another Person On Instagram

A girl was shocked after she found out that photos of herself were being used on someone else`s Instagram account.

While browsing, Jessica Hunt discovered a photo of herself in her kitchen, in a green dress, that was being used by a complete stranger.

before the photo was doctored

Unfortunately things got even weirder as the photo thief had also changed the picture of Jessica so it had a completely different face.

after the photo had changed

After she discovered this, Jessica wrote on Instagram, “OH MY GOD, “that is my body and my house but who`s face is that!?!? Catfish game is really getting creepy”

In case you have no idea what catfishing is. Catfishing is the practice of a creating a fake social networking profile with the intention of deceiving people online.


To make the story funnier, Jessica`s instagram followers made three other versions of her photo…. check the photos below


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