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Prophet Arrested For Kidnapping A Girl And Turns Her To A Prostitute

Police in Nigeria have arrested a prophet by the name, Enyeribe for allegedly kidnapping a lady and turns her to a prostitute with a trick that that God wanted to use her for missionary work.

Narrating her story, the girl said, “He told me that God said that he should use me for missionary work and that he will be saving any money I will make from preaching in his friend`s account and he will use it to build a church for me because he saw that I have a gift of prophesy.

“He said God told him I should not marry and have children. Whenever a man asks me for marriage, he used to be in the forefront encouraging me to forget about him. He has been taking me into hotels and used my body to make him money by sleeping with different men.

“He did whatever he could to make me forget about my family. He must`ve used charm on me the very same day he kidnapped me because he made me swear to an oath with him right in the tax he used to kidnap me. So ever since that day I forgot I had a family and I stopped communicating with them.”

The kidnapped girl continued to confess that, “Last Christmas he collected N20.000 from me, making it N100.000 from all the money I had given him from prostitution. After couple of days I started to suspect him and I asked him if all the money i gave him was not enough to start building a church he promised to build for me.

“Then he told me to go back to my family and caution me not to tell them about the gift of prophesy in me and said if I do they would poison me. His warning made me to regain my consciousness and I ended up staying him still.”

                               Prophet Enyeribe Nkwocha

However, the suspect denied that he kidnapped the girl and turned her into a prostitute. He said she was his girlfriend whom he wanted to marry but after he passed his marriage proposal to her, the girl denied and he married another woman but he did not tell her about it.

“When she found out that I was married she got offended. That is what brought about the problem we are having now.” He said

The commissioner of the police confirmed the arrest.



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