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Man Caught In Bed With a Sex Worker After Wife Denied Sex

30 year old man has been caught in one of the rooms of prostitutes by his wife after the wife denied him sex.

The incident happened in the early hours of today in Lagos.

Reports say, the man David Ehime whom his work involves traveling had just arrived from field work after spending 2 weeks out. As usual the family members including his two daughters were happy to have seen their dad back.

An argument started in the middle of the night when the wife refused to have sex with her husband claiming she was tired. After they quarreled for a couple of minutes without the woman changing her mind, the husband walked out of the room telling his wife to stay back and watch him sort his problem in his own way.

It is said that he went out to a trading centre and started drinking beer in one bar that was still open.

After a few hours without his return, the wife thought of following him and suddenly caught him in bed with a prostitute after some people who were also drinking tipped her where her husband was.

An argument started between the two women that led to a fight. During the fight, the prostitute pulled out a knife which she used to cause cuts in the face of the woman. Later, some people who witnessed this took the woman to a clinic nearby.

The husband could not rescue his wife from the fight as he had disappeared from the scene right after the argument started.

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