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Man Kills Wife And Cut Her Parts, Dumps Her In Uncompleted Building

A man who killed his wife in Nigeria has revealed that she further cut off his wife`s legs, arms, head and her private part to escape the wrath of the victim`s father and to avoid being prosecuted for her death.

Shakiru Bello confessed that he fled after hiding the remains in uncompleted building.

The deceased, Sherifat and Shikiru were married for over 9 years and they separated in july 2016.

Reports say, Last Monday, Sherifat demanded money from her ex-husband for the upkeep of their three children and she was called to a location where they met and she never returned.

Upon taking time to return, the victim`s father, Akeem reported the matter to the authorities on Tuesday.

Akeem told the police that unidentified number called him that his daughter fell into the lagoon.

After the police traced the number, Shakiru`s name came in and he was later arrested by the police. It is said that the suspect led the police to uncompleted building where they found the victim`s remains.

Shakiru said, “After we separated, I secretly reconciled with her and we started meeting. On the average, I gave her N15,000 in a week. On that Monday, she called me that she needed money and we agreed to meet.

“I gave her N10,000 that evening. She later begged me to accompany her to Lagos Island where her niece was admitted in a hospital. We took a motorcycle for hire and on the way a truck hit us from behind.

“I took her to my house around 12am. I went out to get her some drugs. Unfortunately, she died. I was afraid of her father, who didn’t want to see us together. Also, I couldn’t report to the police, so I decided to put her body in a sack and dispose of it. When it was not going into the sack, I cut off her arms, head, legs and other parts.”

However, the victim`s private parts were missing and the police thinks the suspect must have had company in the act.

Young sister to the deceased said, “He told her that he was given a medicine which both of them must rub on their bodies before making love. My sister tricked him and secretly told another relative, who informed my father. My father ordered us to go and pack her luggage. That was how they separated.

“But four weeks ago, he called her on the telephone and said he wanted to see her, but my sister refused. I grabbed the phone from her and told him never to call her again.”

Akeem, the father said he was informed that his daughter was missing last Tuesday but when he called the suspect, he denied knowing her whereabouts.

He said, “He told us he was at a traditional healing home where he was receiving treatment for an accident. When we got there, the owner of the home denied seeing him.

“We went to his mother’s house and she said she was coming out to see us. We later noticed she had sneaked out through the back door and escaped.

“The police in Lagos later asked us to come down; that they had arrested him. The Area Commander, told me that my daughter had been killed and her corpse cut into pieces.

“The police should arrest all those involved in the killing. I want justice for her. It is unfortunate that my daughter has three children for him.”

The police said investigations were ongoing, and that the State Commissioner of Police, has directed that the suspect be prosecuted in a law court at the end of investigations.
























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