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See Village Where Dead People Are Roasted And Stored, Not Buried (photos)

A village has been discovered in Indonesia where the dead people are not buried by roasted over an open fire and kept as mummies for a long time.

According to reports by Daily Star UK, “Dani people from the central highlands of western New Guinea, Indonesia, have been able to preserve their dead for centuries with smoke”.

Though it reports that the technique is no longer in use, a tribe in Wogi – a village close to the regional capital, Wamena has held on to a number of mummies which it refused to bury.

According to the traditional there, smoking someone`s body over fire for weeks, or even months is the ultimate show of respect for the deceased in Dani culture.

This strange culture has in recent years attracted tourists to this isolated part of Indonesia, more than 2,000 miles from the capital of Jakarta.

“Visitors can also get a glimpse of Dani traditions at Baliem Valley Festival, an annual event with mock battles between tribes,” According to Daily Star UK.

The Dani tribe was first encountered by explorers in 1909, when they played host to a Dutch expedition in one village for several nights.

One part of the tribe, the Grand Valley Dani, remained undiscovered until 1938 when an American spotted them from a plane.

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