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Wonders!!! Boy Impregnates His Own Biological Sister

A 17-year-old teenager of Kapiri Mposhi (Zambia) has allegedly impregnated his 14-year-old younger sister, leaving their parents shocked about the incestuous affair under their own roof.

The girl is now three months pregnant and when she was interrogated about the man responsible for her pregnancy, she named her elder brother.

the pregnant girl

Central Province deputy commissioner of police Yobe Luhana and Kakwelesa ward councillor Ben Chiboni confirmed this in separate interviews yesterday.
“It’s true we have this case in Kapiri Mposhi, where the elder brother has impregnated his younger sister. Right now, he is in police custody,” Mr Luhana said.

Mr Chiboni said the suspect is a grade nine pupil while his sister is a grade seven learner.
Mr Chiboni who is also a gender-based violence (GBV) community activist, said the boy was picked by the police last week.

He said the incestuous affair was exposed when the girl became reluctant to go to school.
When she was interrogated on why she did not want to go to school, she eventually revealed she was pregnant and her elder brother was responsible.

Mr Chiboni said when the matter was brought to his attention, he counselled the siblings’ parents and urged them to report the matter to the police.

The boy was then apprehended by the police.








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