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Man Humiliated for Small Pen*s During Dating Naked Show (pictures)

A poor man has been body shamed for having a small penis during a Naked Dating segment on an Australian radio show in front of a nude woman. 

Borrowing the format from Channel 4’s Naked Attraction, the radio station KIIS 1065 challenged two strangers to strip-off while the two comment on the other’s naked body.

While stripping off in front of a stranger is already an awkward situation to find yourself in, the hosts managed to take this to a whole new level by commenting on the guest’s penis

As you can see the hosts weren’t impressed.

Matthew and Lily – the two strangers who volunteered to get naked on the radio and YouTube – both stripped each other bare but it was poor Matthew who bore the brunt of the criticism.

After Lily peeled off Mathew`s briefs the show’s host Kyle immediately began to joke:

‘You’re going to need to do something with that mate’.

To be fair to Matthew he agreed with the host, joking that it was a ‘peanut’. Thankfully through the magic of dancing and some choice hand action he managed to make his pen*s grow.

Demonstrating a rather limited knowledge of human anatomy Kyle’s co-host Jackie O seemed surprised that men can make their dicks bigger.

She said: “Oh wow there`s a real improvement after what you just did. Oh you guys can really change the size of it!”

Adding insult to injury, Matt then fumbled with Lily’s bra struggling to get it off and sending the cringe levels to an estimated 33.7 giga-cringes… that’s enough cringe to power a time machine.

After finally getting Lily’s bra off though he doesn’t even have the good grace to act impressed saying that her breasts were ‘fine’.

And they say romance is dead.


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