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Somizi Dishes On His Future Wedding Plans

When Somizi posts those mouth watering home cooked food videos or photos, just know he already has someone special to share it with. He’s not eating alone. Somizi dishes on his future wedding plans.

Somizi Dishes On His Future Wedding Plans

In a recent interview with Anele, Somizi confirmed he’s indeed in a relationship and shared some exclusive future wedding details. Unfortunately for you, ‘Our Perfect Wedding’ or ‘Top Billing’ is not invited.

“It’s going to be a destination wedding, it’s going to be very far, like your 26 hour flight. I’m going to invite everyone I know but I know not everyone is going to make it,” Somizi said laughing.

As the original choreographer that hew is, Somizi says a ‘step’ is a standard, ballerinas hanging…,”actually I’m going to have all the celebs I don’t like hang like angels,” he said.

Somizi confirmed he’s getting married saying he’s happy where love is concerned.

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