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Heart Broken Man Burns House Belonging To His Ex`s Grandmother, Says He Spent Much On His Ex

When Tumi Mailula (23) dumped her ex-boyfriend, he didn’t take it well and demanded that she pay back the money he had spent on her.

When unemployed Tumi couldn’t pay, he decided to find another way to get his money and visited her family. And when that also didn’t work, he allegedly torched her granny`s house!

The angry ex apparently travelled from where he was staying to Limpopo to demand money from his ex`s granny, Hilda Mailula (71).

the 71 year old granny

The granny said when she arrived home from collecting firewood she found the young man talking to her son.

“He demanded R25 000 in cash. I told him I depended on my pension to survive and didn’t have that kind of money.”

She said he threatened to burn Tumi if he didn’t get his money. He left, claiming he was going but he was back again the next day.

To avoid him the granny left, saying her cousin had called her. But when she got back home, her house was on fire.

She immediately suspected the young man. She said she also found a petrol container next to the house.

Her furniture was destroyed in the fire. “I don’t know how I’m going to rebuild my house. I only get a pension grant,” she said.

Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe, Limpopo police spokesman, confirmed that a case of arson was opened but said no suspect had been arrested.


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