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Female Rapists Rape Two Men At Gun Point In Harare

Two men are forced to have sex with female rapists after sharing taxis with them in latest spate of attacks carried out by women in Zimbabwe

  • One man was picked up in Harare before having a gun pointed at him and abused
  • The other claimed to have been drugged and molested while knocked out
  • Zimbabwe police urge public to be vigilant after spate of female-on-male rapes
  • Investigation comes a week after similar incident in neighbouring South Africa

Two men picked up in cars were raped by women in separate incidents, police in Zimbabwe have said.

One man was held up with a gun, forced into the bush, raped and then drugged while the other was knocked out by a drink and abused while unconscious.

Police, who are now investigating, urged members of the public to be vigilant in case they are picked up by the women after a spate of female-on-male rapes in the country.

It comes as a man in neighbouring South Africa was left traumatised after being raped ‘numerous’ times by three women after hailing a cab last week.

One of the men said he was threatened with a pistol before being sexually molested, while the other said he was raped while knocked unconsciously after being offered a spiked drink. Above, a stock image of Harare, where both men were picked up

In Zimbabwe,The Herald reported that Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi said one of the two recent victims, aged 37, was picked up in Harare on May 27 by a car containing one man and two women.

A woman who came aboard at the same time, the policeman said, pointed what seemed to be a pistol at the man after the driver had taken the car on a detour.

Chief Supt Nyathi said the woman force-marched the man into the bush, adding: ‘One of the females forced the complainant to have sexual intercourse with him without his consent while another female accused forced the complainant to drink an unknown liquid which left the complainant unconscious.’

The other man also boarded a car in Harare, this one containing five unknown people, before being offered a drink by a woman which knocked him unconscious.

Chief Supt Nyathi said: ‘When the complainant gained consciousness he discovered that he had been abused.’

Last year police were on the lookout for four women alleged to have sexually abused a 29-year-old man after offering him a lift in the Zimbabwean capital.

In 2015, another man – also aged 29 – was allegedly raped at gunpoint after being given a ride from Magunje Growth Point. –Dailymail

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