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Am Always Woken Every Night by the Sounds of Screaming Drunkards Bonking a Bush Nearby – Angry Resident

This is the case involving a resident who has had enough of Horney drunkards who in the middle of a night visit the footpath near her home and mostly end up waking her up because of the sound that they make when having a quickie.

Thoko Mlongozi (57) is a resident of J Section Kwamashu north of Durban and it happened that her home is near a tavern.

Thoko Mgobhozi said drunkards bonk each other on the footpath near her house. Photo by Mbali Dlungwana

She has however been woken up by the screams that drunkards produce when making love – a footpath near her house.

Thoko thinks her worries would end if the councilor could help to have the footpath which is now overgrown with grass and trees cleared and have street lights.

Speaking with South Africa`s Daily Sun, Thoko said the trouble started a year ago.

“When I began hearing people screaming outside at night I was scared until I realised they were having sex.

“These people are disrespectful.”

Fuming Thoko said on weekend mornings she often finds used condoms behind one of the shacks in her yard.

“I’m tired of these drunkards. The only time they don’t come here is when it’s raining. The footpath is dirty and smelly. I don’t understand how they can enjoy making love there.”

Another resident, Mimi Mdlalose (28), said other footpaths in the area were turned into proper passages with street lights in 2007.

“This path was left out and no one knows why. Now it’s turning into a bonking spot.

“We live with our parents and what these drunkards do is disgusting.”

Councillor Muziwenhlanhla Shezi said: “Residents have been hired to clean the footpath.

“Right now they’re just waiting for tools.”






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