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Zimbabweans Eaten by Crocodiles While Trying to Illegally Cross Limpopo River Into South Africa

It was reported on Friday morning by South African police in Limpopo that three men were found dead near the Limpopo River between Zimbabwe and South Africa.

It is believed that the men were trying to illegally cross over to South Africa, from Zimbabwe.

Zimbabweans mostly crosses Limpopo river to search for greener pastures in South Africa

It is also believed that the men got tired after swimming for about 25 kilometres, that is how the crocodiles were able to catch them.

“Zimbabweans are very strong people, they are strong on water and on land. These guys must have been very hungry and tired, that`s how the crocodiles got them.

“We know they cross the border illegally everyday, but they don`t get caught. Said officer Sam Nyathi of the South African Police in Limpopo.

Nyathi continued to say, “with crocodiles being in the Limpopo river, we are able to catch these illegal immigrants and that`s what i call efforts.”

It is said that the S.A Government deliberately hosts furious crocodiles in Limpopo river to catch illegal immigrants mostly from Zimbabwe who uses the river to get into South Africa looking for greener pastures.

Meanwhile, the bodies are expected to be sent back to Zimbabwe where they will be examined and identified.

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