A man’s guide to gifting lingerie this Christmas


By Sarah Young Time of article publishedDec 4, 2017

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It won’t have escaped your notice that stores are sporting lavish amounts of festive fare because, of course, Christmas is fast approaching. 

To some, this means spending time with loved ones, indulging in foodie delights and cosying by the fire, but for others, something far more desirable is to be had – lingerie.

For many women, nothing says romance quite like opening a delicate set of unmentionables on Christmas morning, but be warned because gifting undies is as ripe with potential as it is fraught with risk. Get it wrong and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Non-padded bra Picture: Instagram (mythili_lingerie)

With no shortage of lingerie on the rails at this time of year, for the unseasoned shopper it can pose quite a dilemma, but that’s where we come in. So, where should you begin?

Before you hit the shops, your first move should be to figure out what it is that gives her that feel-good factor and, more importantly, to know her size.

While this might sound obvious, it is the cardinal rule of lingerie shopping and a key component that could save you from the doghouse. 

Here, your best bet is to take a look in her delicates drawer – without getting caught – to give you an idea of the styles, colours and size that she takes.

While knowing what size she is in bottoms is fairly simple (eg 12), bra’s require more stealthy investigation as you’ll notice they come with two separate measurements. In this case, take note of both the back band – indicated by a number – and cup size – indicated by a letter, eg 34C.

To confuse things further, a bra just isn’t simply a bra as they come in a manifold of styles. Again, having a snoop at what she already owns will give you an indication of the shape, colour and patterns that she prefers.

As a rule though, if your lady has a chest on the smaller side non-padded triangle bras are a practical and equally seductive option, but if she’s after a little oomph go for a padded plunge instead. 

Alternatively, for ladies with larger assets, there are plenty of beautiful plunging and balcony options – just make sure they’re going to offer support with underwiring and adjustable straps. 

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