A watch for every season and era


Colton James knows that choosing the correct timepiece can make or break a look. After all, it’s the details that matter when styling yourself for any occasion, so the watchmaker has compiled their top tips to consider when buying your next timepiece:

Watches tell a story with the attention they draw. Picture: Supplied. 

A watch needs to tell more than the time

It’s often a misconception that a timepiece’s only role is to tell the time. Whether you’re standing at a cocktail bar, seated at the blackjack table, or getting ready to ride off into the sunset in your vintage car, a truly ageless and glorious watch will attract attention, and demand that its story is told. 

Colton James watches are heavily inspired by aircraft from WW1, with most components paying homage to the PZL P11 airplane. These subtle references give you substance for conversations about your stand out timepiece.

Quality over quantity. Picture: Supplied. 

Quality above all else

There’s no faking quality. It becomes immediately obvious when a timepiece isn’t created from quality parts just by holding it. Colton James immediately give a sense of distinction with watch casings that are made from surgical grade stainless steel, scratch proof Sapphire crystal, and movements made by the Seiko-Epson corp. It’s these parts that make the watch not just a time-telling device, but a piece of art that’s strong and dependable. 

Choose your straps according to the occasion. Picture: Supplied. 

Strap yourself into the occasion

As a busy socialite you may require some diversity in your style options depending on where your schedule takes you next. It’s for this reason that their watch range was designed with luxurious, easily interchangeable straps.

Whether you want to pair your formal metal mesh strap with a black tie event, wear a fine Italian leather strap for a smart-casual drinks session, or just soak up the sun on the beach with a colourful nylon strap, there’s a combination perfectly suited for you and your occasion.


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