5 jackets every man should own this winter


5 jackets every man should own this winter

Gentlemen, winter is upon us and there are a number of warm options to make sure you don’t catch a cold and to step up your fashion game. Here are a few styles that we love. 


A  hoodie is best worn with denim and sneakers. This combination is best for chilling at home, running errands or going to the shops.

Orange hoodie by Issa Leo. Picture: SDR. 


Do not even attempt to wear a denim with only a t-shirt this winter. Although some days may seem sunny, always put on a cardigan or sweater underneath when rocking a denim jacket just to be on the safe side.

 Denim Jacket by Arakani. Picture: SDR. 

Insulated Vest

Insulated vests are very much in this season. In fact, they’re one the coolest jackets because they’re for every season. To keep the swag on par, wear an insulated vest with a hoodie underneath and to complete the look, don’t leave your beanie behind.

Insulated vest by Duke. Picture: SDR. 

Top coat

For a classic look, a top coat is your go-to item. This jacket is perfect to rock over a clean suit to give you that formal loo suitable for business meetings – or if you really want to impress. 

Top coat by Kidd Hunta. Picture: SDR.


For extra warmth without losing any touch of swag, rock the parka. The best way would be with denim pants and Chelsea boots, a perfect look for a lunch date on a breezy day. 

Parka jacket by Replay. Picture: Supplied. 


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