Entertain outdoors in style this Heritage Day


By Sarene Kloren Time of article publishedSep 18, 2018

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Boerewors will be the order of the day this Heritage Day, and considering it’s a long weekend too, get hold of the family and arrange for a get-together.

Spring has officially sprung, and the weather’s warming up so, some time outdoors with family could be the perfect tonic to kick-start the new season.

We asked Alon Sachs, co-owner of
Mobelli Furniture + Living to share a few tips on what every patio and courtyard needs this Heritage Day.

Sassy seats  

Seating is an essential part of entertaining, make sure your furniture’s comfy, and that there’s enough seating for the whole family and a few impromptu guests too. Don’t forget to choose options that can easily be cleaned to make your life easier once everyone’s left.

Salone 3 Seater white couch.

Barefoot at the bar

Drinks trolleys make a great bar alternative, especially when there’s a large crowd, you can easily push the trolley, with its XYZ to wherever it needs to be, with no fuss at all.  

Salone drinks trolley.

Shield from the sun

After a long cold winter, the sun is finally making an appearance this spring. But remember your sunblock and steer clear of those UV rays. The only way to do that is with an umbrella, and the best kind of umbrella is a portable one, to move around and go where you need it to.

“Entertaining has never been this fun, tick these boxes to ensure maximum comfort and ease and to make sure guests have the best Heritage Day on your patio or in your courtyard,” Sachs says.


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