Dish gardens for apartment living


By Associated Press Time of article publishedNov 2, 2018

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Arranging plants in small dishes and pots can be an enjoyable indoor activity throughout the year.

By creating a dish garden, you are in fact creating a miniature landscape – it can be as plain or as frivolous as one desires. Dish gardens generally consist of several different plants arranged together in a single container.

The most important thing is choosing plant varieties needing similar surroundings and care. For example, dish gardens combining succulents with cacti would work. Mixing plants preferring direct sunlight with something like shade-favouring orchids might not.

Or choose a theme: desert garden or tropical garden, moss garden or rock garden, herb garden or woodland garden, and many others.

You could make one up depicting where you vacationed, a holiday theme. 

Indoor gardens, with their miniature, low-maintenance plants, thrive in small spaces, and that makes them a natural fit for succulents.

Succulents are shallow-rooted. “For a windowsill, a pot that fits into your cupped hands is perfect. When choosing containers, determine first how large the plants will grow. 

Give plants that tend to grow a little larger and faster a larger and deeper container or switch them out when the container looks out of proportion.

Container plants should not be encouraged to grow too rapidly, so use half-strength liquid fertilizers two or three times per year.


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