How to choose the perfect flowers for any occasion


By Nicholas James Time of article publishedJan 8, 2019

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No matter what the occasion, flowers can be the perfect gift for someone – it’s been scientifically proven that receiving fresh blooms actually changes a person’s brain. 

Flowers have the ability to stimulate all the right chemicals and can make you feel super happy. So even if a bunch of flowers lasts a week, for that week, the recipient will feel joy and happiness everytime they see the beautiful bunch in their home.

The act of flower giving has been around for hundreds of years but certain flowers are popular classics and for good reason especially over big occasions. 

So how do you select the perfect bunch of blooms for someone you care for?

Here are some tips for a few special days:


Poinsettias are the very well-known traditional holiday flower available from your local nursery, their bright cherry red flowers and deep green leaves make it easy to see why. Although beautiful, there are so many other blooms that can bring the festive cheer!

A flower that can definitely spread the holiday joy is the Hypericum Berry. These bright, cherry-red berries are great to add colour and cheer to wreaths, garlands or table centrepieces. They’re readily available and definitely ring true to the festive season.


Chrysanthemums are a South African favourite for good reason, they’re beautifully bright and symbolise optimism and joy – the perfect message for the festive season. They come in an abundance of colours, meaning that you can tailor the bunch as you’d like.


Roses are, of course, the classic flower for Valentine’s Day. They represent love, beauty and perfection and they’re also known to be quite pricey over this romantic period but definitely the most appropriate gift.

Alstroemeria, also known as the Peruvian lily or lily of the Incas, can represent adoration and affection. These striking flowers are truly lovely to look at and put a unique spin on traditional Valentine’s Day flowers. 

Lily of the Incas.

Gerbera Daisies are another great bloom to give on Valentine’s Day. Their large flower heads mean that their wonderful colours are prominent, and the flower is known to symbolise beauty and purity. 

Gerbera Daisies.


One of the most popular days to buy a gift of flowers is Mother’s Day, and Carnations have become the go-to flower for this day. 

Wearing or giving a white carnation symbolises the remembrance of a mother who has passed. Carnations are vibrant flowers that can represent

admiration and gratitude.

Pink Carnations.

Sunflowers are arguably one of the happiest and joyful blooms around. They are bright and beautiful and also carry symbolism of respect and adoration – the perfect message for supermoms!

Lilies represent beauty and wealth and are magnificent in their appearance. You could include some Stargazer Lilies that come in breathtakingly beautiful colours.

Nicholas James is the Operations Manager  Bloomable and has nearly two decades of experience within the florist and service industries.


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