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By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedFeb 6, 2019

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Gents, Valentine’s Day is around the corner and while doing all the preparations, don’t forget about yourself. 

Confidence goes a long way and looking your best means feeling your best, take note of the pre-date grooming drill. 

Smelling good is important – a dab of aftershave and spray of deodorant is essential. Iron your shirt and comb your hair – your date will notice the little details. 

But what about your beard? 

Beards can be tricky when it comes to romance. Some swoon over facial hair and others not so much. No matter which side of the fence your date is on, one thing is certain: if your facial hair is well-groomed, clean and in a good condition, he/she is more likely to be attracted to it.

Here are 4 tips on how to groom your beard. 

Keep it clean  

Be sure to cleanse your beard thoroughly twice a day, and if that isn’t enough, take a fine tooth comb to make sure it stays clean the whole day. 

Keep it soft

Facial hair is naturally harder than the hair on your head, so it needs some TLC to keep soft. Moisturise your beard regularly with Beard and Shave Oil to keep it soft and hydrated. 

Keep it tidy

Trim any longer stray hairs. Groom the perimeters of the beard to ensure the border between your skin and beard is neat and tidy.

Don’t go too short

A buffer period is essential if you’re shaving your beard or trimming your stubble. If you’re going from full-on beard to clean shaven, you may need some time to get used to the new look (and a new look is never a good idea before a date!). 

If you want to rock sexy stubble, shave a couple of days before the date – just for it to grow long enough so that it doesn’t feel like sandpaper against her skin.

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