Australia to become first to launch emoji licence plates for cars


By DPA Time of article publishedFeb 20, 2019

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Canberra  – An Australian state is to begin offering drivers personalized licence plates with emojis for the first time in the world. 

An emoji is a small digital icon or image used to express an object, symbol, emotion or idea. Examples include expressive faces, hand signs vegetables and excrement.

Vehicle-owners in Queensland can add emojis to their licence plates from March 1, Personalised Plates Queensland (PPQ) said Wednesday.

Initially only five types of emojis will be offered – heart eyes and smiley, sunglasses, laugh-out-loud and winking faces, according to the Queensland Department of Transport contractor.

And even though they will be displayed on official plates, the emojis will just be for decoration –  they won’t be part of the car’s registration. 

The white-on-black plates will have a mix of three letters, two numbers and one of the five emojis.

The emoji plates will cost 475 Australian dollars (340 US dollars). 



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