4 Russian Knights jets do simultaneous loop


By Travel Wire News Time of article publishedApr 2, 2019

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Four Su-30 jets flown by the world-famous Russian Knights aerobatic team performed a simultaneous loop in the Malaysian skies, to the excitement of countless onlookers watching the stunt.

Flying in a tight formation, the Su-30s were filmed traversing the sky over the Malaysian city of Langkawi, where the International Maritime and Aerospace exhibition (LIMA) took place.

The Russian Knights chose to do a loop, an extremely difficult maneuver first performed by aerobatics enthusiast Petr Nesterov in the early 20th century. 

A camera mounted on one of the jets shows the pilots making a low pass over the Langkawi airfield. They then pull their jets up into the vertical while keeping minimal distance between the aircraft.

The Su-30s are seen continuing around and heading back in the same direction, making a 360 turn.

The pilots briefly released the brakes and retracted the undercarriages to slow down. The Russian Knights’ loop looked equally impressive from the ground.

The Russian Knights are a world-renowned aerobatic team which frequently performs at airshows in Russia and abroad. 

The jet is designed by Suknoi for all-weather, air superiority, and air-to-surface missions and the host nation, Malaysia has a number of Su-30s in its air force fighter fleet.


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