Michael B. Jordan’s grooming routine is basic


By Bang Showbiz Time of article publishedMay 17, 2019

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‘Creed II’ star Michael B. Jordan insists his grooming routine is “pretty basic” and and he only washes his face “every two or three days” because he doesn’t want to strip the natural oils from his skin.

The 32-year-old actor is one of the most handsome men in Hollywood and now the ‘Creed II’ star has opened up about his skincare ritual and has revealed that other sticking to a rule to only wash his face “every two or three days”, in order to retain his skin’s natural oils, he doesn’t do too much else to stay looking good.

In fact, Michael’s only problem is suffering from in-grown stubble hairs on his face.

Speaking to ELLE US, he shared: “I’m super low-maintenance: shower, moisturise, put some cologne on, f***ing tweezers to get in-growns. I don’t touch my eyebrows. They do their thing. I don’t wash my face every day, I might wash it once every two, three days. You’ve got to give your face a break. You don’t want to keep stripping it down all the time and exfoliating every day. Self-care? Manicure, pedicure – I’m starting to get more into that. [My grooming routine is] pretty basic.” 

The ‘Black Panther’ star does use fragrance daily and “layers” his favourite scent “underneath” his clothes.

He said: “After the shower, I spread it on my body after I moisturise. Then, I get dressed and spray a couple pumps right after I put my clothes on. You don’t want too much – I have to layer it underneath my clothes.”

Michael first got a fancy for fragrance when he was at school and he wore some and got a compliment from a girl.

He shared: “My first cologne wasn’t my cologne – It was my best friend’s older brother’s. He was the cool older brother that I never had. He had tons of cologne in his room with sneakers. He said, ‘Never go in my room. Don’t touch my s**t.’ Of course, the second he left the house, we were in his room touching all his s**t. I snatched up one of his colognes and I just doused myself with it. I ended up going out and I got a compliment from a girl saying, ‘You smell good.’ I was like, ‘Oh s**t, OK. That worked. It was probably some cheap f**king cologne, but I never forgot that it warranted a compliment, and it was a conversation starter. I was like, ‘Oh, this little bit of spray is cool!’ That was my first little introduction into cologne.’ “


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