Stop adopting ‘cute’ cats for Instagram likes, charity warns


By Daily Mail Time of article publishedJun 6, 2019

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London – Celebrities with “Disney-like” cats are responsible for “glamorising” breeds that can suffer health problems, London’s Battersea Dogs and Cats Home has warned.

Pop stars Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran own flat-faced Scottish fold cats and regularly talk about them on social media.

But the charity says such “cute” breeds face serious medical issues as they have unnaturally bulbous eyes and small noses.

The charity took in 10 similar Persian cats between January and March. This is compared to five in 2018 and only four in 2017. Many are abandoned because of their medical conditions, The Daily Telegraph reported.

“Cat owners like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, and internet stars like Grumpy Cat and Wilfred the Warrior have all played a part in glamorising cats which may be suffering genetic health problems,” said the charity.

Vet Shaun Opperman said, when buying a cat “make a decision based on your lifestyle and an individual cat’s needs, rather than Instagram”.

Daily Mail


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