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By Yasmine Jacobs Time of article publishedJun 13, 2019

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Remember the blockbuster hit ‘Crazy Rich Asians’?   It made us laugh, sometimes cry but most of all, it made us want to take a trip to Singapore. 

While we can’t all relate to that level of wealth, we could relate to some aspects of the story, and there was that voice at the back of your head saying: “Look at those tourist attractions… Book that ticket! “. 

We take a look at fascinating attractions in Singapore that would satisfy everyone from the relaxed homebody to the adventurous spirit. 

Garden by The Bay

The Cloud Forest in Gardens by the Bay.

Get in touch with nature as you escape the busy city life and wander through the Flower dome, the Cloud Forest, Supertree Grove inside Gardens of the Bay.  

The Cloud Forest boasts a 35m man-made mountain and waterfall and the flower dome has flowers from across the world, not only giving you fabulous photo opportunities but to learn about plants from other parts of the world. 

The Intan 

Alvin Yapp welcomes guests to The Intan.

For the lover of all things culture and history, the Intan museum is for you! In Alvin Yapp’s quaint and beautiful home, learn all about the Peranakan culture and what makes it so important to Singapore’s heritage. A fair warning: Prepared to feel a sense of renewed pride in your heritage and roots. 

Skyline Luge

The Skyline Luge is for anyone who fancy themselves to be the next Lightning McQueen. While you don’t race in actual cars, the gravity ride is enough to get your heart pumping and seeking more. 

You have the option to navigate different trials but which ever route you take, you will end the ride feeling a rush of excitement and yearning for more. As the tag line says, once is never enough!  

Mega Adventure Park 

Take a thrill ride at the MegaAdventure Park.

The adrenaline junkies are bound to get high (literally and figuratively) as they contemplate to do a MegaJump, MegaZip (zip lining), MegaClimb or MegaBounce.  If you get a kick from adventures, you could do more than one. It’s exhilarating and is suited for both young and old adventure seekers.   

Art Science Museum 

The ArtScience Museum has interactive exhibitions enjoyed by many.

The Art Science Museum is where the beauty of art, science and architecture collides. The Art Science Museum is not your ordinary museum.  Its exhibitions are interactive, allowing people to fully immerse themselves in the experience. 


Foodies will enjoy the dishes at the famous Peranakan restaurant, Candlenut. The owner of the restaurant, Malcom Lee is one of the few Singaporeans chef to have won a Michelin star.  The restaurant is cosy, the service is excellent and the food is well…  Michelin star-worthy. 

Kampong Glam, Little India and China Town

Sultan Mosque in Kampong Glam was built in 1824.

The heritage districts play a huge role in Singapore as the government and citizens try their best (and succeed) in  preserving their history.  Kampong Glam is the Malay heritage district,  Little India is the Indian heritage district and China Town is the Chinese heritage district.  

The heritage districts are for everyone: Shop up a storm, eat foods you haven’t eaten before or simply expand your mind by learning another culture. 


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