Tips for adopting an animal from a shelter


By Staff Reporter Time of article publishedJun 20, 2019

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Why buy when you can save an animal’s life – many of the pets that pass through Animal Welfare’s doors have been abused or neglected and dealt a rough hand in life. 

Animal Welfare Society Stellenbosch(AWSS) believes in second chances. By adopting a pet, you’re giving that animal another go at the life they deserve and it helps to make space for another animal in need.

Tips for adopting a pet

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest disadvantages of pet ownership is the inevitable sadness that accompanies their death and the gap they leave both in your heart and that of their fellow companions. 

Our pets do experience grief when a person or pet they spent a lot of time with dies, especially as it effects their routine and “pack order”. Your pet may experience anxiety, loss of appetite or other changes in their behavior.

When a pet dies it can be tempting to get another quickly, but don’t rush into this decision. Pets, especially dogs, are sociable beings and are likely to adapt well to a new canine companion if the pair are a good match and introductions are carried out thoroughly with the assistance of an animal behaviorist or experienced animal welfare assistant.

Once you are ready for a new pet, your next step is deciding whether to adopt from a shelter or go to a breeder. 

Many people are of the opinion that shelters are home to only “pavement specials” but more and more pure breeds are being surrendered to shelters and put up for adoption. 

There are many puppies at shelters but also plenty of adult dogs in need of a forever home. When you adopt an adult dog, you have a good idea of their temperament, size and history. 

At AWSS every dog put up for adoption has a temperament evaluation and their staff can advise you which dog would best fit the needs of your family.

When you adopt from a shelter, you do more than give an animal a second chance: you get a best friend that will offer unconditional love.

The Animal Welfare will arrange for a pre-adoption assessment of prospective new owners to determine the type of animal best suited to their lifestyle and residential circumstances, ensuring a good match between the animal and owner is achieved. 

All members of the household (including existing pets) must be considered in the decision to adopt an animal and in the selection of that animal.

For more information about the Animal Welfare Society Stellenbosch call 021 8839129 or for adopting a pet
look at their website.



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