Spring/Summer 2020 menswear trends spotted at #SAMW


By Gerry Cupido Time of article publishedJul 12, 2019

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It may be winter, but now is the time to start shopping for your summer wardrobe. 

Planning ahead for the next season has its benefits – the clothing is cheaper and when summer arrives you will be ready to step out with on-trend outfits. Here are five distinct summer trends you need to know, as seen on the SA Menswear Week runway.

Art-inspired prints

One I Am designer Onesimo Bam describes it as “wearable art”.

“The collection was conceived through the idea of play. The prints are all created not knowing what will come out. We used a couple of techniques like suminogashi, which is a traditional Japanese way of printmaking or marbling.

One I Am. (Picture: Simon Deiner/SDR Photo)

“You never know what’s going to come out and I think your energy is what determines the result. All the prints came out differently and that’s the beauty of the technique – that you only get a certain print once.

“The ideas and concepts were triggered by the idea of wearable art,” says Bam.

Floral prints

Throwaway Twenty and Rick Dusi’s strongly featured florals in their collections. From Throwaway Twenty’s dainty botanical illustration-inspired prints to Rick Dusi’s more bold flowers, whether in pastels or brights, florals remain a trend.

Throwaway Twenty. (Picture: Simon Deiner/SDR Photo)

Rick Dusi. (Picture: Simon Deiner/SDR Photo)

Graphic prints

Bold graphics and geometric designs are one of the biggest print trends. Known for bold prints, the Imprint collection remains an inspiration for lovers of dramatic prints.

Imprint. (Picture: Simon Deiner/SDR Photo)

The abstract geometric patterns in primary colours are a prime example of this trend.

At the Masa Mara show, we saw a stream of brights with a mixture of intricate vector and African prints.

Masa Mara. (Picture: Simon Deiner/SDR Photo)


Baggy pants, oversized T-shirts and comfortable shorts were a firm favourite on the runway. Besides streetwear designers such as Good Good Good and Sol-Sol, we saw this in designs from Iconic Black and One I Am, moving away from skin-tight tops and very short shorts.

Good Good Good. (Picture: Simon Deiner/SDR Photo)


Iconic Black showed duffle bags in printed canvas and fun bright fur. Staying on the fun fluffy theme XMCreations’ stuffed soft toys bags added a playful edge to the look.

XMCreations. (Picture: Simon Deiner/SDR Photo)

JReason accessorised his looks with leather modern-design bags.

JReason. (Picture: Simon Deiner/SDR Photo)


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