Summer grooming tips for men


By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedOct 22, 2019

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Summer has finally arrived with its endless festivities, and just like you have to make a turn around on your wardrobe when seasons change, you also need to change your grooming routine to accommodate the warm season. 

Fino Cosmetics, a grooming solutions for men shares the following tips on how stay clean this summer. 

Reasons to keep your beard in summer:

– It’s easier to grow a beard in summer. Though more true for some men than others, hair generally grows faster during summer due to the increased vitamin intake, time spent outdoors and in the sun. This means that you can grow your beard into your desired shape, faster, with less “in between” awkwardness.

– It will keep you cool. In winter, beards protect the skin from wind (like a windbreaker), and in summer, it protect the skin from the heat of the sun.

Reasons to go bare:

– There’s a lot of sweating during summer. Unless you’re going to be fastidious about washing your beard and the skin under the beard, you may experience irritation from the sweat and damp.

– Saves you time when getting ready. Beards require plenty of regular maintenance, or else they end up looking scruffy and unkempt. Most men agree that a clean shave every couple of days is far less time-consuming than maintaining a beard.

– Even if you keep your beard clean and tidy, it can get a bit messy with the warmer weather. Taking a big bite out of a delicious piece of a watermelon or applying sunscreen may leave you with unwanted stickiness (and let’s face it, we’re not always around a basin to get cleaned up).

 However you plan on styling your facial hair this summer, get a comprehensive grooming range to keep your beard, stubble and skin healthy, clean and soft.


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