A guide to basic male grooming


By Sponsored By Axe Time of article publishedNov 27, 2019

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A few years ago, you would have had a hard time convincing the average man to invest in a
male grooming ritual. Back then, most guys had no problem using one bar of soap to wash their face and another part we can’t mention.

Fast forward to the present day, and men are spoiled for choice. Face masks, moisturisers, teeth whitening products — you name it, the local beauty store has got it. But the amount of choice, and the prices that some of these products go for, could easily overwhelm a few men.

We saved you some time and suggested a grooming regime to help with your grooming needs.


If there’s one part of your skin that’s a no-go zone for bar soap, it’s your face. Most bar soaps strip your delicate facial skin of its natural oils, which leads to tightness and dehydration. When your skin is too dry, your oil glands produce more oils and before you know it, you’ve got clogged pores and acne. Instead of bar soap, use a pH-balanced face wash and cleanser. 


It’s generally advised for men with short to medium length hair to get their hair cut at least once a month. Depending on your hairstyle and the texture of your hair, you may need to go to the barber more often. Get into the habit of cutting your hair regularly so you can build a relationship with your barber. And take it easy on the shampoo. At most, you should be shampooing three to five times a week. Anything more than that will give your hair a dull, frizzy look.


This is another part of the body that’s usually mistreated with bar soap but there are so many better options. Remember what bar soap does to your face? It does the same thing to the skin on the rest of your body. Bar soap strips your skin of the oils and proteins that lock in moisture. Body washes are generally less harsh and usually have a little something that adds or locks in moisture. For a body wash that combines the relaxing scents of oud wood and vanilla, grab a bottle of
Axe Gold body wash when you step in the shower. 

This is just the foundation of male grooming. For an extensive ritual, follow
male grooming tips that are tailor-made to helping you find your magic.


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