Yellowstone National Park viral video teaches wildlife 101


By Clinton Moodley Time of article publishedMar 30, 2020

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Local US reporter Deion Broxton was at Yellowstone National Park ready to record coverage at the national park when he almost had an encounter with a herd of bison. He was reporting on the national park being closed due to covid-19. 

The reporter shared the video on Twitter, and it has since received 10.6 million views. The video may add some comic humour to those of us in lockdown, but it also teaches us a valuable lesson: do not invade the wild’s habitat. 

While unbeknownst to Broxton, he had been close to the wild, and had he not sought cover, he could have been injured. The 18-second video starts with Broxton in front of the camera. But, instead of looking into the camera, he looks at something on his right. 

He said in the video: “Oh my god… oh my god… Oh no, I ain’t messin’ with you.” He later posted a video of the bison within “as safe distance away.”


— Deion Broxton KTVM (@DeionNBCMT)

American professional football player Deion Sanders shared the video on Twitter. He posted: “I don’t blame u namesake! Somebody has to tell the story.

Some users shared similar experiences. 

User @tomh811 commented: “I’ve been in that area and seen wild buffalo up close they are SHOCKINGLY huge, bigger than a car huge, I was stunned. And they have horns.” (sic). 

User @vidyasahayog commented: “Similar thing happened to me! I moved the car an inch bison were still crossing the road, out of nowhere 5 bison surrounded our car and didn’t let us move for an hour.” (sic)

User @RoryBerigan commented: “Wouldn’t it be great if Yellowstone used your video as a PSA for the tourists that think the Park is a petting zoo? As a Bozeman resident, I am very happy you are safe and sound. God Bless!!” (sic)



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