Holiday from hell as backpacker can’t leave Peru hostel for 3 months


By Travel Reporter Time of article publishedMar 31, 2020

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The covid-19 lockdown in many countries means that many travellers visiting a particular country are stranded at their holiday destinations. According to The Daily Mail, Eva Stensland can’t leave a hostel in Peru. 

The tourist who travelled to Peru on holiday was told she can’t leave for three months. The backpacker likened the experience to prison. 

While many hostels have upped their ante to create modern and spacious spaces, the one Stensland occupies is far from that perfect picture. 

She is currently on lockdown at the Pariwana Hostel in Cusco. And, there is no way she can leave. 

The 35-year-old faces being arrested and could be jailed for ten years if she attempts to leave. Instead, she has to spend her time in a 14ft sq (4.3m) room with no TV or space to exercise for up to three months. 

Daily Mail said the 150 guests, some packed into windowless rooms with 13 others, have been on lockdown at the Pariwana Hostel in Cusco for a week. Stensland, who has lived in the UK for seven years, said there was no certainty that she would get her British Airways flight back to London.

She said she was afraid: “It’s scary being a woman alone out here.” Stensland is not the only tourist in this predicament. 

According to TIME, many travellers visiting many Asian destinations, including Thailand and Nepal, had their flights cancelled after government imposed travel bans and closed their borders. 

TIME reported that Ksenia Vostriakova and her friends were scheduled to fly back to Moscow on an April 3 on a Singapore Airlines flight. However, the flight was cancelled. 

They are scheduled to leave on April 6. Vostriakova told the publication: “Now we’re really worried that this flight also might be cancelled. We might still stay here because everything changes.”



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