Woman gets royal treatment after realising she is only passenger on flight


By Travel Reporter Time of article publishedApr 6, 2020

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When Sheryl Pardo boarded an American Airlines flight to see her ailing mom for one last time, she never expected to be the ONLY passenger on the flight. 

The 59-year-old was travelling from Washington, DC, to Boston. 

When she boarded the plane, she soon realised that she was the only passenger on the plane, the
Daily Mail reported. Pardo, who boarded the plane on March 27, was given the royal treatment. 

Flight attendants Jessica and Dion moved her to First Class and personally welcomed her on board over the load speaker. While this was not a leisure trip as she went to visit her mom Sandra Wilkins, 83, who was ill, Pardo said that the experience on the flight meant a lot to her. 

Pardo told
CNN that the flight attendants were great. “The flight attendants were so great… and it was kind of fun. I was obviously anxious about seeing my mom for the last time, so it was kind of awesome to just laugh.” 

She said the flight attendants got to know each other, and that’s when she told them about her mother, who died a day later, on March 28. Wilkins suffered from dementia and was in hospice care. 

She told the publication: “I think in moments like this the pain of losing your mom is exacerbated by being in this frightening time. Other people’s kindness is what’s going to get us to through this.

“I want them (the flight attendants) to know how much it meant to me,’ Pardo told CNN. ‘It was super positive, which I didn’t expect from that trip,” she added. 


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