Little Mix Just Revealed Which Of Their Songs They Are Tired Of Performing, And 20 More Behind-The-Scenes Secrets


To celebrate the recent release of “Break Up Song” and their new music video, Little Mix joined us for a game of “Truth or Wine” and answered some of our biggest burning questions.

Here’s everything we learned from Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirlwall, Jesy Nelson, and Leigh-Anne Pinnock:


First, “Break Up Song” wasn’t written about somebody in particular — Jade explained that they “ended up writing a lot of break up-y songs” at the time.


Their upcoming sixth album has already been written and they were recording it up until lockdown and quarantine began.

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Perrie said, “It just needs some touching up and stuff.”


And the album already has a title and the hint Leigh-Anne gave was “it’s a party.”

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Jesy added, “It’s a celebration.”


There will be some features on their upcoming album, but they aren’t “set in stone.”

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Perrie said, “We can’t technically say yes, but we do know there’s going to be a few.”


While they love the name Little Mix now, they weren’t too fond of it after they had to change from Rhythmix during The X Factor — they were all “so in love” with their original group name.

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Jade elaborated, saying, “I really did not like the name for such a long time. I wouldn’t say that I’m still, like, the biggest fan of Little Mix, but I feel like with every group name it just becomes…you don’t even think about it anymore, it’s just our name. … I’m quite grateful for it now.”


And if they had to rename the group, Leigh-Anne likes the idea of shortening it to “LMX.”


While they’ve never come close to breaking up, they did reach a point where they weren’t sure there would be another album.


Also, none of them have ever had an offer to leave the group and go solo and none of them have expressed interest in releasing solo music.

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Jesy continued, saying, “I do think there will be a time when we’ll all eventually do our solo projects, but I think we’ll always come back together as Little Mix.”


While none of them specified which one, there are one or two collaborations they’ve done in the past that they wouldn’t say “yes” to today.

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Perrie exclaimed, “There’s a definite one.”


Little Mix said that they never felt a “rivalry” with Fifth Harmony because they were “so different” — however, Jade said it was “a bit awkward” that they were on the same label.


Jesy is super tired of performing “Black Magic” and actually “never really liked” the song.


Meanwhile, Leigh-Anne gets tired of performing “Salute” constantly on tour.

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She elaborated, saying, “I do love it, it’s such a sick song, but like, performing it is so intense. Maybe it’s the choreo a lot of the time.”


Perrie said “Secret Love Song” is one of her favorite songs to perform, but when she’s not feeling the best vocally, it’s super tough to perform.

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And Leigh-Anne agreed, saying that she actually gets nervous performing this song every single time.


Leigh-Anne’s favorite X Factor performance was “Super Bass,” while Perrie absolutely loved “E.T.”

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Also Leigh-Anne said when they performed “Don’t Let Go,” it really changed things for them.


Perrie revealed that one of her favorite parts about looking back on their X Factor days is remembering that she was extremely happy and not caring what anybody thought.

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She continued, saying, “I think I was happy. I was so happy, we were all so content and none of us gave a shit about what anyone thought. We didn’t care.”


Jesy and Perrie’s favorite song out of their entire catalogue is “Shout Out to My Ex.”


Leigh-Anne’s favorite song is “Touch” — she said, “I was listening to it the other day and I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is such a tune.’ It’s so good.”


And her least favorite song of theirs is “We Are Who We Are” from their first album, DNA.

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Perrie hilariously said, “Wait, I like that one!”


Perrie absolutely hated dancing when they first began and during the first few years, she would cry every time they had to learn new choreography — now she is much more confident.

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She even recalled telling their management that she didn’t think she could continue being in the group if they were going to dance a lot.


And finally, they unanimously agree that they think they’re underrated in the US.

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But, even so, Jade said, “I think we get a lot of love from our fans in the US.”

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