How Geneseo Inn turned old shipping containers into a luxury hotel


By Travel Reporter Time of article publishedAug 7, 2020

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Hotels are constantly thinking outside of the box when it comes to concepts. A luxury boutique hotel nestled in the rolling hills of Paso Robles wine country in California did just that when they designed their hotel built using industrial shipping crates.

Geneseo Inn, perched above the vines on CASS Winery’s 145 acres of vineyard, upcycled old shipping containers into new buildings. The result is pure magic.


According to Euronews, the unique concept was created by architecture firm Ecotech Design and winery owners Steve Crass and Ted Plemons with the help of CRATE Modular.

Walter Scott Perry, the founder of Ecotech Design, told DesignBoom that the design was inspired by the vineyard itself.

“The most compelling attribute of this project is the use of modular components, in combination with recycled materials, to enhance the visual interest and create an impressive panoramic openness that connects interior spaces, walkways, and decks. these connect with the vineyard vistas beyond. the structures become truly integrated with their environment. both container units and the vineyard itself have been recycled — a time-tested adaptive-reuse design strategy,” he told the publication.


The hotel has seven rooms with ultra-modern amenities and appliances, elevated vineyard views and 12′ high, natural daylight and ventilated central lighting spaces.


Its common gathering areas also heavily feature serene surroundings for those who are big on picturesque views. There’s also gourmet breakfast served daily with fresh-baked artisan pastries accompanied with a chef-inspired signature item.


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