What happens when you tell your dog a story using all their favourite words


By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article publishedAug 18, 2020

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People are telling their dogs stories loaded with all of their favourite words and the results are cuteness overload.

Fetch, walkies, treat, beach… There are certain words that tend to pique our dogs’ interest a little more than others. With that knowledge, a TikTok user came up with one of the most adorable trends to make the rounds on the internet thus far.

From wags to ear perks, head tilts and slobbery bouts of pure bouncing joy, whenever their owners used one of their favourite words in their story, their precious pets would have the best responses.

In the video posted by a user named @kaitlyn_daughtry, she captioned her now viral post with the words: “Whoever says dogs don’t understand us are wrong.” And, according to the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience, she may very well be true.

According to their study, dogs are in fact able to process language with scientists finding evidence that they have a basic understanding of the words taught to them by humans.

Five of our favourite reactions to owners telling their dogs stories using their favourite words:

Huxley and Mila who love going to grandma’s house


Whoever says dogs don’t understand us are wrong❤️ ##pitbullsoftiktok

♬ Story time with your dogs favorite words – kaitlyn_daughtry

This cutie-pie who loves to snack

@jaymiejennner ♬ original sound – jaymiejennner

This good boy just wants to play outside with his ball


##fyp ##germanshepherd ##tellyourdogastory

♬ original sound – shuckk15

A Golden Retriever with the best listening skills


Tell your dog a story… wait for it. Lol. ##fyp ##foru ##tiktok ##follow

♬ original sound – kayla.colan

Ollie the Ridgeback was super invested in his human’s story


Tell your dog a story with their favourite words ##dog ##dogsoftiktok ##ridgeback ##PetsOfTikTok

♬ original sound – ridgebackollie


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