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By Brandstories Time of article publishedAug 26, 2020

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Babies need a lot of things – and with parents often having to multi-task, and with the safety aspect of Covid-19 and lockdown, you don’t want to run out to the shopping mall. Why not stock up with everything online at

If you’re still waiting for your bundle of joy to arrive, a pregnancy pillow can really help you get a comfortable night’s sleep, while you still can, and can later be used to support your newborn during breastfeeding.

A New Born Baby Kit is a must-have and includes all the essentials you need including: Pampers New Baby nappies (Size 2) and Pampers baby wipes as well as Johnson’s baby oil, soap, shampoo and body lotion and conditioner.

Loot baby care kit

Lotions and barrier creams:

Stretch marks are a common problem for during pregnancy but you can prevent or minimise them by applying an antenatal massage cream twice daily on your tummy, buttocks and thighs, preferably one which has high concentrations of vitamins A and E.

Your baby’s skin also needs protection. Always ensure you have a good supply of nappy barrier cream to protect your baby’s sensitive skin from nappy rash.

Bepanthen nappy ointment

Breastfeeding essentials:

Breastfeeding can be a beautiful time to bond with your baby, but only if you are both comfortable. Heal and protect your nipples with a nipple cream that is safe you both.

A breast pump is essential for moms with babies who are unable to latch or mothers who need to combine their breastfeeding with busy work schedules. The Tommee Tippee breast pump lets you choose from 5 different massage and 9 express modes to stimulate your milk flow and express your breast milk.

To store your breast milk safely, make use of Disposable breast milk bags, which are pre-sterilized and easy to use. When you pour in the milk, the bottom of the bag immediately expands so that it may be stored upright in your fridge or freezer. The zipper seal mechanism allows you to close – and open – the bag without any effort. Made out of BPA-free polyethylene, the bags are safe, strong, and sturdy.

Disposable breast milk bags

A natural gel-filled breast soother can help reduce swelling and treat painful, sensitive breasts. They can be used as warm or cooling therapy.

Pre and post pregnancy underwear:

For a few months after giving birth you may need to wear support underwear for your tummy and back.

An adjustable organic cotton belly binder not only helps improve posture and supports your lower back; it tightens the tummy thereby reducing the risk of stretch marks and makes you look slimmer and more confident; immediately!

Every moment of motherhood precious, so save time and energy by shopping online at


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